About Us

Boutique Hotel in Ipoh, Malaysia


1969 Business Suites is a fusion of the nostalgic and modern chic. It is one of the first boutique hotels focused on communicating our two-fold principles – architectural identity while accentuating the luxury and quality of services offered.
The founder & chairman of the 1969 hotel brand saw the opportunity to take a row of traditional shop house at Bandar Botani, Ipoh and recrafted them into an enthralling and classy 42-bedroom hotel that could serve as a unique gateway for both leisure travellers and business executives.
1969 Business Suites logo represents the iconic Ipoh Tree (Epu Tree) known for its source of blowpipe poison used by the indigenous people (orang asli). It is said that it was used it to help defend against the Portuguese discoverers when they attacked Malacca in 1511.
Symbolically, 1969 Business Suites sees itself as ‘safe haven’ for travellers who want the homey comfort and convenience of a luxury hotel at affordable prices. The gold, black and earthly tones each reflect the affluent ethos of modern architectural style while maintaining the pragmatic comfort of a home.